Welcome to OgoWorks. We are a small development team focused on the creation of products for Mac OS X which are truly useful. Modern computer applications should be simple but powerful so that you don't have to memorize the complete user guide before you start the software! Instead, learn by doing.

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Our first product, MyLife, is a simple and highly effective way of storing all of your life's important files and information. Take a look at MyLife and give it a try.

Our second product, QuickMarks, is a tool for teachers to lighten the load of recording assignment results. Take a look at QuickMarks and give it a try.

Our third product, QuickWork, gives the manager of a project an instant status report on wages and expenses. Take a look at QuickWork and give it a try.

Our fourth product, UnionView, enables a union to keep most information at its fingertips. Take a look at UnionView and give it a try.

Our fifth product, MyTree, builds family trees and history based upon family names, time intervals and locations. Take a look at MyTree and give it a try.