Q: How long can I use MyLife, QuickMarks, QuickWork or MyTree for free?
A: All programs can be used for 30 days. After this time a user ID is required.

       These versions are for Tiger, not Snow Leopard.

Q: How much do MyLife, QuickMarks, QuickWork or MyTree cost per copy?
A: MyLife - $25. QuickMarks - $24. QuickWork - $27. MyTree - $40

Q: Are Snow Leopard versions available?
A: QuickMarks, QuickWork, MyTree and UnionView are currently available. The program will be emailed to you after

       payment using PayPal (where various methods of payment are accepted) on the Downloads page.

       Ignore the password generation routine after payment.

Q: Are Lion versions available?
A: Any Lion versions are in the Mac Apps Store.